The Evangelical Medical Center of Lubango (CEML)
"Health and hope through Christ"
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The doors of the CEML Hospital officially opened on October 16, 2006 with 22 staff seeing 60 out-patients that first day. By December the x-ray department, in-patient clinical services, an operating theater and an emergency department were fully functional.

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One year later, CEML had 130 employees, consulted with 60 patients daily and offered a functioning emergency room 24/7, operating room, wards, labs, x-ray services, opthalmology services and a pharmacy.

As a health care facility offering round-the-clock services, it has identified new opportunties for people to serve with them in short-term and long-term capacities. There is a
growing need for specialized physicians, critical care equipment and training and related services for their staff. See our video about the Needs in Angola.

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Below is a video created by Living Truth of Canada about Dr Stephen Foster and his work in Angola for the last 30 years.

Click on the slideshow below to view pictures of the Medical Center in Lubango.


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