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Statue of 'Christ the King' in Lubango The 'leba' road on the way to Namibe street market in Lubango Cavango River

Come and meet the dedicated people who strive daily to provide medical services, employment and education to thousands of people in the country of Angola, in southwest Africa. If you're seeking adventure and significance  and desire a challenging focus for your faith, your skills, your resources, your time and service, where your efforts can really make a difference, we invite you to consider how you might take part in Kingdom building in this surprisingly beautiful country.

Dr. Stephen Foster with medical staffThe Medical Center (CEML Hospital) in Lubango opened its doors to the public in October 2006, with 22 staff treating 60 patients on the first day. Today, hospital staff numbers 130. including  2 full-time & 5 part-time doctors, providing daily consultation to over 60 patients. The hospital has an emergency room operating 24/7, operating room, wards, labs, and x-ray services. Dr. Stephen Foster is the Clinical and General Director and has 'raised the bar' in the quality of medical service in the area. Patients are often introduced to the Good News of Jesus Christ  for the first time at the
hospital and staff members are challenged in their faith at  weekly devotions.                                        

The Clinic at the Cavango Mission Station was rebuilt in 2006 by Dr. Robert Foster, founder of Advancing the Gospel in Angola (AGA). The Mission Station laid in ruins for 30 years as a result of Angola's civil war that started in 1975. As a satellite to the CEML Hospital in Lubango, Cavango's Clinic is located 500 kilometers away - a rugged 12-hour drive. With the distance in mind, AGA is challenged to build a 1,000-ft. airstrip on the mission property to bring doctors to this remote, yet vital medical facility. Dr. Tim Kubacki and his wife Betsy and family are presently stationed at Cavango.

Stirling & Donna Fjavascript:void(0)oster with Jeffrey & MeghanThe Ranch
at Tchincombe is an exciting adventure in modern evangelism. As a church-owned profit business, the ranch provides employment, literacy opportunity and basic health care for the local Mongambwe people and brings them face-to-face with the Gospel as it is worked out in everyday life. The ranch supports 1500 head of cattle and employs many workers. The challenges of providing water in the arid climate, keeping machinery in repair and workers healthy, managing teachers for the remote village school and living by faith with commitment to the local church keep Stirling and Donna Foster, very busy as they oversee this ministry.  Stirling and Donna are experiencing the challenges of 'empty nesting' with Jeffrey (Bree) and Meghan grown and back in the US for schooling and work experience.


The ISTEL Seminary in LubangoThe ISTEL Seminary is located in the City of Lubango.  Presently, 45 students are pursuing a Bachelor of Theology degree. Since 2001, when peace was declared in Angola, the Seminary has been challenged with efforts to increase enrollment and expand opportunities with evening classes and a Modular Program in the capital city of Luanda. Four full-time and several pert-time and visiting professors and ex-pat teachers forego more lucrative positions elsewhere to dedicate themselves to   preparing these young people to increase the sphere of influence for God's Kingdom in Angola.

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