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Dr. Robert Foster(1924-2012) founded AGA and served as President from its inception until 2009. In the summer of 2010 he and his wife Belva moved back to Angola to live out their days and Dr. Bob continued to be a guiding force for AGA until his death in January 2012.

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John R. Bloise lives with his wife Kathryn in Addison, NY and serves AGA as Board Counsel. John is an attorney and first traveled to Angola with his family in 1991 and again for 5 months in 1992-93. "I have always been fascinated with Africa, and I am priviledged to be involved with the various AGA projects."  John has six grown children and is a member of North Baptist Church in Corning, NY.



Dale & Lorraine Frost live in Grandville, MI. Dale is a retired teacher and became interested in Angola when he met the elder Rev. Charles Foster, Dr. Bob's father. Dale has traveled to Angola and is involved with the ranch at Tchincombe. Dale is an elder at the Church of the Open Door in Wyoming MI.


Dr. Steve Foster is the Director of the Evangelical Medical Center in Lubango, Angola, an AGA project. Steve grew up in Africa and graduated from McMaster Medical School in Toronto. In 1973, Steve and Peggy Foster were married and left soon after for Angola as medical missionaries. From 1996-98, Steve served as the Canadian Director of AEF and then Deputy Director of SIM Canada from 1998-2000. Steve and Peggy have 4 grown children and their home church is Little Trinity Anglican in Toronto. Steve serves as Honorary Chairman.



Paul Hockersmith and his wife Rose live near Colorado Springs, CO where they own and run a small construction company.  Paul serves as president of AGA. Their 2 grown children and spouses live nearby and also work in the business.  Paul & Rose are blessed to be able to be involved with their 3 young grandchildren on an almost daily basis. Paul gave his life to God as a teenager and also completed a stint in the US Marine Corps.  Paul's parents, Darrell and Barbara, are retired career missionaries to Africa who currently reside with Paul and Rose.  Paul greatly appreciates the years spent as a child in Angola and Zambia with his parents.  He regularly travels to Angola to work on a variety of construction projects.  Paul & Rose attend church at the Monument Campus of Woodmen Valley Chapel.





Bonnie Miller is from Hudsonville, MI. She and husband Dave are retired and have 3 married children who all live nearby.  She has been a Christian since childhood and serves as a teacher with Bible Club Movement International. Bonnie has a vision to take each of her grandchildren on a mission trip and has traveled to Angola to work at the Tchincombe Ranch.  Bonnie serves as secretary/treasurer and bookkeeper.

Robert Vasquez from Murrieta CA - bio pending

Scott VanHaitsma from Reeds Spring MO-bio pending

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