About Angola, Africa
The region, the people

Dedication of the Clinic at CavangoAngola is the world's twenty-third largest country. It is five times the area of the United Kingdom and nearly twice the size of the US state of Texas.  The population is estimated to be 15,941,000 people and per capita income is $2,813*. 

Angola gained independence from Portugal in 1975, and soon after, civil war erupted and continued for 27 years, resulting in the collapse of social, political and administrative order. The daily privations of life in Angola reflect the difficult economic conditions resulting from the war. Hospitals often struggle to pay for basic equipment and medicines, while schools may be without books and families are sometimes desparate to meet household needs. 

These realities, make involvement in
AGA (Advancing the Gospel in Angola) relevant and worthwhile by promoting opportunity and fostering hope through its multiple opportunities of service:
- in Lubango --
The Evangelical Medical Center (CEML Hospital) and the ISTEL Seminary
- at the Cavango Mission Station --
a Clinic, developing hospital work, church outreach, and mission station redevelopment
- in Tchincombe --
a cattle ranch offering training and employment for Angolans

* Wikipedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angola

ECFA, Enhancing Trust

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