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Advancing the Gospel in Angola, Inc. (AGA) is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Angola, Africa by:

1) Facilitating the exchange of information between Christian workers in Angola with Christian workers in the USA.

2) Encouraging Americans to volunteer in Christian service in Angola.

3) Providing information to Americans regarding the needs in Angola and the opportunities for volunteer services.

4) Soliciting and accepting donations of money, Bibles, medical supplies, and other goods in the USA for donated delivery to Christian Missionaries in Angola, Africa.

From the surgical ward at the CEML Hospital in Lubango to a remote cattle pasture at Tchincombe Ranch to the prayer list of a Greensboro donor, many demonstrate daily their commitment to partner together to change lives, in one small part of the world, from desperation to hope.

As the statue of 'Cristo Rei' in Lubango, Angola depicts, it is through faith in Jesus Christ and His redemptive sacrifice and Resurrection, that lives are transformed from death to life. AGA strives to combine tangible help and money with this life-changing Gospel to bring to Angolans burdened by war, poverty, and disease the opportunity to be those whose arms can be lifted in praise.  For our Statement of Faith, click here .

Do you Know God?  Do you know what Salvation is?                                                                          Do you want to know more about the Gospel?                  click here

AGA was incorporated in 2005 and is resolved to conduct and disclose its activities in the most responsible manner possible. AGA is an accredited member of The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).  ECFA includes in its Donor's Bill of Rights that a donor has the right to... know how the funds of AGA are being spent; know what the programs are accomplishing; know that the organization complies with federal and state laws; designate a gift to a particular project; a timely response to inquiries; visit a program site; give cheerfully without being pressured; obtain a copy of AGA's most recent IRS 990 tax return; know that there is a responsible board overseeing the projects and know that all appeals for funds are truthful.  All governing documents, conflict-of-interest policy and financial statements are available upon request at the 'contact us' page.

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