How to Give


Thank you for your interest in Angola. We feel privileged to be part of a program that introduces people to the good news of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ, while at the same time providing opportunity for better health, education and employment.  We welcome you to the 'team'.

...if you prefer to give by mail...please send your check payable to AGA to:    

                    KATHRYN BLOISE, AGA Bookkeeper       25 Maple St.     Addison  NY  14801-1009

If you prefer to give electronically, click 'Donate Now' below or e-mail

...Either way...please designate your gift with the name or number of the project you want to support:

          *CEML Hospital #05

          *Cavango Mission Station #03

          *Colorado Connection #20

          *Tchincombe Ranch #06

          *ISTEL Seminary #08

          *Where needed most #00

        All gifts are tax-deductible and receipted...THANK YOU  

ECFA, Enhancing Trust

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